Top 10 DevOps Myths

I’ve been working from home on my book Next Gen DevOps: Creating The DevOps Organisation for the past 8 months. Now the book has launched I thought I’d like to write a post tailored specifically to those of you reading this from your offices at 3 in the afternoon without further ado I present you my Top 10 DevOps Myths:

01. DevOps requires a full stack developer.


02. You can hire a full-stack developer for 40 Grand.
40 Grand


03. Performing multiple deployments today means you’ve mastered DevOps.


04. It’s ok to worry about testing and hosting later.


05. Enterprise DevOps is different from regular DevOps.


06. DevOps is for Developers not Sys. Admins.


07. There’s no coding in operations, at best it’s “super-config”.
Cat Thumbs


08. It’s still DevOps when only the Ops people are on-call.
Lion King


09. Config. Mgmt + SAAS + Automation = DevOps.


10. A Neckbeard is mandatory for DevOps.


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