Previous Entries

July 18, 2022 Measuring the health and productivity of a delivery team

October 16, 2019 Mental Health in SRE, DevOps and Operations

September 30, 2019 NEXT GEN DEVOPS A Managers Guide to DevOps and SRE

July 19, 2019 Site Reliability Engineering needs product managers

August 14, 2017 The State of DevOps at the start of 2017

May 5, 2017 Product-focused DevOps mustn’t forget the customer

March 31, 2017 DevOps Journeys 2.0

August 27, 2016 Enterprise DevOps Lessons Learned: TDA

October 18, 2015 Extreme Systems Administration

August 31, 2015 NEXT GEN DEVOPS Second Edition!

August 11, 2015 Next Gen DevOps Transformation Framework: A case study of Playfish circa 2010 pt. 2

August 5, 2015 Next Gen DevOps Transformation Framework: A case study of Playfish circa 2010

July 28, 2015 Next Gen DevOps pioneer launches highly anticipated framework

20th July 2015 The first blue/green production deployment circa 2005

9th July 2015 Computing Summit DevOps 2015

7th July 2015 Dune, Arrakis… DevOps

29th June 2015 DevOps Framework: The last teaser

19th June 2015 A great example of DevOps in action!

9th June 2015 DevOps Transformation Framework Update: Almost there…

2nd June 2015 DevOps: What comes first the culture or the collaboration?

29th May 2015 Next Gen DevOps Transformation Framework Update… Oh dear

13th May 2015 Don’t start projects in the bloody middle!

6th May 2015 Next Gen DevOps Transformation Framework: Project Update

28th April 2015 Where are the CTOs?

7th April 2015 What’s next for NEXT GEN DEVOPS

30th March 2015 DevOps @SyncHerts Thursday April 2nd

20th March 2015 A comparison of monitoring services for an online ad service

27th February 2015 DevOps for Recruiters @TalentWaffle

21st January 2015 What can DevOps do for security

6th January 2015 Horrible HR Policies to Nuke in 2015

17th November 2014 Next Gen DevOps Interview with Linuxrecruit’s Tony Chapman

6th November 2014 Top 10 DevOps Myths

23rd October 2014 Isn’t DevOps just Agile?

6th October 2014 Next Gen DevOps book paves the way for the internet business

1st October 2014 Why We Chose Dataloop.IO for Hive Home

22nd September 2014 DevOps: Tools, culture or both?

16th September 2014 Next Gen DevOps: High Scalability at #DOXLON DevOps Exchange, August 14th 2014

9th September 2014 Devops: The recruitment Conundrum

28th July 2014 Next Gen DevOps @ DevOps Enthusiast meet, July 2014

4th July 2014 Conversations with my old man: What is DevOps

3rd July 2014 COMING SOON!

25th April 2014 I’m writing a book!

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