Conversations with my old man: What is DevOps

A few months ago my old man came to stay. He lives in a very rural area of Spain and so a trip to the smoke is something of a nice change of pace :).

Get my old man and I together and the words quickly start flying. We can both talk and when he goes home a few days later my voice is hoarse!

We’d been speaking about my new project Next Gen DevOps all weekend and for chuckles we decided to video one of our conversations. This one lasted two hours! We’ve edited the chat into sections.

My Dad served in the Royal Corps of Signals and then went on to be a Sys. Admin and technical instructor for the Ministry of Defense. He’s been out of IT for about 20 years and so some exposition was necessary. I think this first segment makes for an interesting introduction to DevOps. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

What is DevOps from NextGenDevOps on Vimeo.

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