Next Gen DevOps Interview with Linuxrecruit’s Tony Chapman

When most people hear that I’ve written a DevOps book they ask me what the book is about, whether it’s a technical book and why I wrote it. When Tony Chapman from LinuxRecruit heard about my book he decided to go one better than just asking me some questions. Tony hired a cameraman and invited me down to his office. Tony and LinuxRecruit are right in the middle of the UK DevOps scene at the moment. Linuxrecuit co-sponsor the London DevOps Exchange #DOXLON alongside my friends Dataloop.IO. #DOXLON is the biggest DevOps group outside of San Francisco.

If you’ve ever wondered what my book Next Gen DevOps: Creating The DevOps Organisation is about and why I wrote it then check out the video on Linuxrecruit’s blog site or just watch it below. If you like what you see and you’d like to buy the book you can find it on Amazon here:

Isn’t DevOps just Agile?

In July this year I was invited to speak about my new project: at Arrows Group’s DevOps Enthusiast event. The event was a big deal for me because it was the first time I would share my ideas with the public. If you haven’t seen that presentation you can check it out here.

The first question was asked by a former Connected Homes colleague of mine Christophe Popov. I couldn’t have planted a better first question if I I’d tried! It allowed me to address a point that I think is crucial to understanding DevOps as it is today and where it needs to go. It even encouraged some very welcome audience participation.


Next Gen DevOps: High Scalability at #DOXLON DevOps Exchange, August 14th 2014

My friends at Dataloop.IO and Linuxrecruit invited me to talk on the subject of High Scalability at their DevOps Exchange (DOXLON) event last month. I was only too happy to oblige particularly as this gave me an opportunity to pitch my new book at the largest DevOps group outside of San Francisco.

Please forgive the shaky start, I had prepared a 20 minute presentation and when I arrived I was told I had 15 so I had to do some hasty editing.

I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction my presentation received. I was a little concerned that I was going to a technically themed event with what amounted to a leadership presentation. My hypothesis seemed to resonate with the audience though and led to some interesting discussions afterwards.

Conversations with my old man: What is DevOps

A few months ago my old man came to stay. He lives in a very rural area of Spain and so a trip to the smoke is something of a nice change of pace :).

Get my old man and I together and the words quickly start flying. We can both talk and when he goes home a few days later my voice is hoarse!

We’d been speaking about my new project Next Gen DevOps all weekend and for chuckles we decided to video one of our conversations. This one lasted two hours! We’ve edited the chat into sections.

My Dad served in the Royal Corps of Signals and then went on to be a Sys. Admin and technical instructor for the Ministry of Defense. He’s been out of IT for about 20 years and so some exposition was necessary. I think this first segment makes for an interesting introduction to DevOps. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

What is DevOps from NextGenDevOps on Vimeo.